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Using the power of your subconscious and visualisation to resolve conflict

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It’s a Hollywood trope. People get ‘real’ on camping trips and take the time to air their views and grievances. It somehow opens people up. What if I told you you can access this energy without the need for bug nets, rubber mallets and an advanced degree in fire starting?

Why do relationships need resolving?


T S Eliot's masterpiece has value for everyone

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I’m an unlikely advocate of the value of literature in advancing wisdom. Unlikely in that I’ve struggled to create a real focus on literature for most of my life. I often prefer non-fiction and, in general, my love of psychology and philosophy is fed primarily through non-fiction.

Wisdom is not…


The MORE model and how to grow your wisdom intentionally

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“I would never work for you. You can’t manage me you’re too young.”

This was said to me by a slightly older man several years ago. At a wake, bizarrely. And I promise you I didn’t deserve it (this time).

“Sure but some older people haven’t learnt much from their…


Using 360-degree feedback reviews for development or performance badly needs clarification

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In April, it got very heated when Basecamp CEO* and Co-founder Jason Fried sent an internal memo with a load of policy changes that amounted to some distinct cultural engineering. I don’t use that term lightly because my view is culture is hard to engineer and more emergent. …


The science of unconscious behaviour change is very misunderstood but can transform organisational change

Am I alone in thinking the ‘latest and best thinking seems to carry a label that says ‘please misappropriate me for your own ends’? The biggest victims are often hot topics — gamification, nudging, brain-friendly training, millennials, Big Data, NLP, mindfulness … need I go on?

Nudging has been around…


Create an oath to hold yourself to account with every action not the delegated tasks of others.

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True Accountability

The actor, humanist, author and comedian Stephen Fry said:

“You are who you are when nobody’s watching.”

Real accountability starts at home — holding yourself fully to account. …


Meditating on the idea of death is common in many cultures but lost in the Western world.

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I saw recently on LinkedIn a post by Gary Vaynerchuk with his best advice for entrepreneurs: “You will die”. I mean I’m pretty sure he has also answered that question differently before but I liked that answer. The reason he gave was that it keeps you sharp, makes you work…

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